Refund Policy

If you are not satisfied with your RAAD experience, please contact or call 

864-722-2082 for a Refund Request Form (RRF).

You have up to 7 calendar days from the day your reservation to access the front of the line was 

active to initiate an RRF. RRFs that involve lost, stolen and malfunctioning cell phones, or a dead 

battery may not be refunded under any circumstances. Take a digital picture of the authentication 

screen and include it with your RRF. RAAD will investigate your refund request and may, in its 

sole discretion, offer you a refund based on your original method of payment. You must request a 

Refund Request Form and digitally time stamp and e-mail it as an attachment within 7 calendar 

days of your reservation.

Please note that RAAD will not consider an offer for refunds for the following reasons:

Manipulated authentication images.

Dead battery or lost or stolen cell/smartphone phone.

Not abiding by dress code requirements or rules for the specific venue.

No authentication image matching identification, lost or stolen state or federal identification, for 

all patrons in your party.

Not listening to the instructions of the doormen, resulting in removal or restriction of access.

Intoxication by any narcotic, over the counter or prescription, legal or illegal, or by alcohol or any 

substance prohibited by law.

Restriction or refusal of entry by any persons not associated with RAAD or affiliated vendors or 


Note: RAAD recommends that you (1) document the person(s) that restricted your entry to the 

establishment, (2) insure your Authentication image has been preserved and/or printed, and (3) 

fill out the RRF completely and legibly.