The RAAD app is not for everyone.

RAAD is for the bold, the trendsetters and the go-getters. RAAD is for the people that believe in bending the rules. RAAD is for the people that see things differently. RAAD is for the people that always believes there is another way. RAAD believes in living in the moments that you never forget.

We are RAAD..

What are you?

Let's show you how it's done

It's fucking easy..




Check out the bars near and purchase a RAAD pass.





Take this up to the front of the line and show the bouncer. This is your RAAD skip ticket. DO NOT PRESS THE TICKET(this will cause you to check yourself in and you will lose your ticket).



Login/signup just using your phone number.




Bring your friends by adding up to 6 RAAD pass at a time. Click confirm/pay and enter a credit card to complete your purchase.